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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Thinking Poets Needed!

Poets or writers who feel they can rise to the challenge of creating new work on the spot, are wanted for an experimental evening of collaboration with the public on Culture Night Sep 24th Inkstorm Galway, in conjunction with the Spirit Store in Limerick are co-hosting a Poetry Depot, where members of the public provide the inspiration for pieces written by the poets on the night.

A special set of questions to help people generate poetic seeds is already being circulated. On the night people will sit down with a poet and give them a subject and a little information. The poet will then tailor make a piece for the person and read it to them. The commissioner will be recorded reading their poem and their response, and it will all go together on the website. There will be poets of all levels of experience participating, and given this and the time limit, the point is not to expect a flow of masterpieces, but the spontaneity, excitement and rawness of co-creating with the public, and giving them a sense of ownership of the creative process.

The Poetry Depot will take place from 5-7pm in the Milk Market, Limerick, on Culture Night, Fri Sep 24th.

If you, or anyone you know, are up for the challenge please contact Dave Rock as soon as possible for more information.