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Friday, January 22, 2010

Launch of 'Landing Places: Immigrant Poets in Ireland'

Saturday, March 06, 2010 sees the launch of Landing Places: Immigrant Poets in Ireland. The launch takes place in City Hall, Dublin, as part of the annual Dublin Book Festival.

Landing Places is a timely and ground-breaking poetry anthology, edited by Eva Bourke and Borbála Faragó, and features 66 poets (recent arrivals and first generation immigrants) who between them contribute to, enlarge and challenge the definition of what constitutes 'writing from Ireland'.

Featuring both poets who are already well-known and others publishing their first poems in English, the full list of contributors is as follows:

Chris Agee, Peter Oliver Arnds, Celeste Augé, Denise Blake, Megan Buckley, Sandra Bunting, Kristina Camilleri, Anamaria Crowe Serrano, Kinga Elwira Cybulska, Kathryn Daily, Carla De Tona, Annie Deppe, Theodore Deppe, Gabriel Ezutah, Lisa Frank, Matthew Geden, John Givens, Paul Gratten, Shane Guthrie, Mirela Nicoleta Hincianu, Joseph Horgan, Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa, Paul Jeffcutt, Enrique Juncosa, Matt Kirkham, Chuck Kruger, Anatoly Kurdyavitsky, Slavek Kwi, Paul Maddern, Nyaradzo Masunda , Jennifer Matthews, Clare McDonnell, Irma Mento, Susan Millar Dumars, Judith Mok, Panchali Mukherji, Mary Mullen, Pete Mullineaux, Tom Myp, Chris Nikkel, Daniel O’Donoghue, Kinga Olszewska, Julia Piera, Hajo Quade, Ursula Rani Sarma, Mark Roper, Judy Russell, Eckhardt Schmidt, Jo Slade, Tiziana Soverino, Raphael Josef Stachniss, Lisa Steppe, Richard Tillinghast, Eriko Tsugawa-Madden, Rose Tuelo Brock, Andreas Vogel, Maria Wallace, Cliff Wedgebury, Grace Wells, Sally Wheeler, Sabine Wichert, Landa Wo, Rachel Audrey Wyatt, Adam Wyeth, Alex Wylie and Ann Zell.

Following the Dublin Book Fair launch (City Hall, Sat 06 March 2010, at 4.30 pm -- all are invited to attend) Hugo Hamilton will chair a panel discussion with the editors and invite questions and discussion from the floor.