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Friday, January 22, 2010

Galway Arts Centre launch for 'Understanding Book Publishing for Writers' by William McClymont

Mike McCormack will introduce visiting writer and publisher, William McClymont, at Galway Arts Centre, at 8pm on Wednesday 27th. January. McClymont’s book, Understanding Book Publishing for  Writers, is a virtual roadmap for those wishing to see their name on the spine of a book displayed on a bookshop shelf. The Irish Times says: “the greatest Irish novel of the decade just ended was Galway-based Mike McCormack’s Notes From a Coma (Jonathan Cape, 2005).” The line up of award winning novelist, Mike McCormack, and publisher William McClymont should make for an informative and entertaining event.

Understanding Book Publishing for Writers was due to be launched in Britain at the end of February, but a speaking engagement at National University of Ireland, Galway , where Mike McCormack is a lecturer, has prompted William McClymont to launch his book at Galway Arts Centre first. McCormack was asked to host the event by his MA in Writing students.

Galway is a city that attracts talented writers well versed in the use of cliff-hangers, quotes, white space, character development and the three-act structure, making sure their work begins quickly and hooks us in. The train only hits the buffers when they try to get published, but guidance is at hand.

A publisher himself, William MClymont recognises that “to publishers, unpublished writers are an irrelevance. People who are vaguely known to the public are easier to sell if they can commoditise them, and he says “establishment writers are fawned over; their every word gobbled up in the syndrome of the emperor's new clothes.” He will give updated trend information.

William McClymont’s book covers:

• different types of publishers and what they are;

• what books get published and why

• the publishing process and what’s involved

• how to make book proposals and what can be done to enhance their chances of success

• the writers perspective of publishing, the publishers perspective of publishing and writers

• the book trade environment and how it is developing