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Thursday, August 29, 2019

2019 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year LONGLIST





Phelim Kavanagh, ‘Fieldnotes’

Mary Quine, ‘Tommy’

Eamonn McGuinners, ‘Stars’ & ‘Names’

Niamh MacCabe, ‘Instructions’

PJ Moore, ‘You’ & ‘Noddy’

Kathryn Burke, ‘High’ & ‘Interim’

Kate Ennals, ‘Cobbler’

Sean Glynn, ‘Shoot’

Aelmuire Mullaney, ‘Conversations’

Creighton O’Sullivan, ‘Sonny’

Robert Kibble, ‘Drowning’

Daniel Wade, ‘Green’

David O’Dwyer, ‘Discovery’

Jessamine O’Connor, ‘Finding’

Maria Dolores, ‘Listening’

Colin Kerr, ‘When’

Alec Solomita, ‘Anne’

Louise Bunyan, ‘Box’

Kirsty Warren, ‘Lionheart’

Aongus Murtagh, ‘Puppet’

Mark Ward, ‘Bone’ & ‘Lisdoonvarna’

Dominique Cleary, ‘Meeting’

Aoibhinn O’Sullivan, ‘Roots’

Alice Redmond, ‘Chicken’

Eileen Keane, ‘Summer’

Helena Farrell, ‘Stone’, ‘Journey’ & ‘Where’

Rory Duffy, ‘Soul’

Ethan Goodfellow, ‘Fly’

Deirdre McClay, ‘Hannah’s

Carla Shackleford, ‘Schenley’

Claire Loader, ‘Clontuskert’

Molly Harris, ‘Discreet’ & ‘Last’

Rozz Lewis, ‘Gist’ & ‘Balacoa’

Caroline Farrell, ‘December’

David Green, ‘Loss’


Nidhi Zak, ‘Fugue’

Donna Shaughnessy, ‘Kingdom’

Margot Harrison ‘Shelly’

Claire Loader, ‘Said’

Kathryn Burke, ‘Sherbrooke’

Audrey Molloy, ‘Knew’’

Gavan Duffy, ‘Subjective’

Síle Ní Chatháin, ‘Crepusculum’

Breda Joyce, ‘Guardian’

Una O’Farrell, ‘Toxic’

Barbara Dunne, ‘Transubstantial’

Bobbie Sparrow, ‘Persistence’

Vincent Steed, ‘Somewhere’

Sighle Meehan, ‘Visiting’

James O’Toole, ‘Horse’

Morag Anderson, ‘Brown Baby’

Molly Twomey, ‘Atalanta’

Anne Walsh Donnelly, ‘Goddess’ & ‘Day’

Jessica Pape, ‘Marbles’

Danny McBrearty, ‘Mothballs’

Attracta Fahy, ‘Love Poem’

Deirdre McClay, ‘Visiting’

Jill Kenny, ‘Woman’

Barbara DeCoursey Roy, ‘Last’

Sinead Mongan, ‘Tuning’

Iris M Mora, ‘Grounded’ & ‘Breaking’

Evan Costigan, ‘Trouble’

Rob Childers, ‘Fish’

Kevin Chesser, ‘Off-Roading’

Denise Nagle, ‘Racer

Helena Kilty ‘Battlecry

Caroline Johnstone ‘Dash’

Stephen de Búrca, ‘Scoping’

Tim Dwyer, ‘Phoenix’

Nollaig Rowan, ‘Admit’

Ann Herrington, ‘Day’

Nicola Geddes, ‘Arcadia’

Mary O’Melveny, ‘Freedom’

Maeve McKenna, ‘Sound’

Sandy Yannone, ‘Apology’

Kirsty Warren, ‘Interstate’

Peter Clarke, ‘Blessed’

Bern Butler, ‘Arriver’

Andrea Ward, ‘Abbey’

Tim Emlyn Jones, ‘Discourse’

Grace Wilentz, ‘Coral’

Brian Gourley, ‘Marble’

Eimear Laffan, ‘Inflection’

Akshaya Pawaskar, ‘Centenarian’

Maureen Butler, ‘More’

Frank Farrelly, ‘Breakfast’

Jennifer Davis, ‘Friday’

Niamh MacCabe, ‘Strange’

Jon McLeod, ‘Versus’

Tracy Gaughan, ‘Auguries’

Jorge Leiva, ‘We’

Eoin Chambers, ‘Crush’

Patrick Holloway, ‘Darkness’

Kathryn Slattery, ‘Professor’

Caroline Bracken, ‘Used’

Linda Ford, ‘Eyelashes’

David Estringel, ‘Sky’

Maria Dolores, ‘Iberian’

Paul McCarrick, ‘Closed’

Jessamine O’Connor, ‘Never’

Lorraine Wood, ‘Snuff’

Sacha Hutchinson, ‘Last’

Mark Scullion, ‘Sister

Susan Coyle, ‘Literary’

Lydia Harris, ‘Holy’

David Morris, ‘Ordinance’

Paula Conway, ‘After’

Patricia Walsh, ‘Ponchos’

Katelyn O’Neill, ‘existential’

Patrick Osada, ‘Tree’

James Anthony, ‘Jacket’

James O’Leary, ‘Ducks’

Sven Kretzschmar, ‘Thoughts’

Ruth Aylett, ‘Turning’

Jac Shortland, ‘There’ll’

Diarmuid Fitzgerald, ‘Silent’

Sarah Murphy, ‘Can’

Wilma Kenny ‘White’

Susan Kelly, ‘Coat’

Jill Kenny, ‘Woman’

Roisin Bugler, ‘Nativity’

Denise Garvey, ‘City’

Anne Irwin, ‘An Old’

Art Ó Súilleabháin, ‘someone’

Helen Fallon, ‘Flight’

John D. Kelly, ‘Scallcrows’

Kevin Murtagh, ‘Love’

A.M. Cousins, ‘Antenatal’

Eileen Cloonan, ‘Readers’

THE LONGLISTED WRITERS ARE INVITED  TO READ FROM THEIR LONGLISTED WORK @ the Over The Edge Culture Night event @ Kenny’s Bookshop & Gallery, Liosbán Retail Park on Friday, September 20th. The fiction writers reading starts 3.30pm.
The reading by poets: 5.45pm.

We’d like to thank our competition sponsors:   Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Ward’s Hotel,
Clare Daly MEP, & Kenny’s Bookshop

THE SHORTLIST WILL BE ANNOUNCED @  the  Over The Edge: Open Reading on Thurs, September 26,  6.30pm   @ Galway City Library
2019 competition judge Liz McSkeane