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Thursday, September 27, 2018

2018 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year SHORTLIST

Teresa Sweeney, ‘Young’
Aongus Murtagh, ‘Protector’, ‘Ask’
P.J. Moore, ‘Summit’
Maeve Mulrennan, ‘Blood’
Brian Kirk, ‘Bull’
Creighton O’Sullivan, ‘Frances’
Patrick Holloway, ‘Untitled, ‘Now’
Elizabeth Power, ‘Nag’
Paul Lewis, ‘Dead’
David O’Dwyer, ‘Crooked’
Pauline McNamee, ‘Journey’

Bogusia Wardein, ‘Soulless’
Vincent Steed, ‘Canal’
Sighle Meehan, ‘Bonnie’ & ‘Circles’
Orla Fay, ‘North’
Morag Anderson, ‘Trick’
Molly Twomey, ‘Prana’
Anne Walsh Donnelly, ‘Vows’, ‘Mná’
Attracta Fahy, ‘Tuam’
Barbara DeCoursey Roy, ‘Irene’
Gavan Duffy, ‘Beaten’
Edel Burke, ‘Holding’
Aoife Reilly, ‘Inferno’, ‘Future’
Derek Coyle, ‘Dying’
Ann Herrington, ‘Swallow’
Nicola Geddes, ‘Lullaby’, ‘September’
Patrick Holloway, ‘Aurora’
Caroline Bracken, ‘Advice’
Conor Gearin, ‘Middle’
Linda McKenna, ‘Blue’
Anita Gracey, ‘GP’

We would like to thank our competition sponsors:  Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Dock No. 1, Ward’s Hotel, Clare Daly TD, & Kenny’s Bookshop.
This year's competition judge is Rachel Coventry. 
The longlist can be viewed here

THE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED @  the October Over The Edge: Open Reading on Thursday, October 25th  Galway City Library, 6.30-8pm