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Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 Cúirt Festival of International Literature INVITES YOU to launch of 'Bone Fire' by Susan Millar DuMars

of Bone Fire by Susan Millar DuMars 
Date: Monday 18th April
Time: 8pm
Venue: Dock 1, upstairs
Publisher: Salmon Poetry

Bone Fire
The bones are the bones of the poet – integral to the landscape of her body. The bones are the spines of trees, the bone white of the moon. They belong to the hawk, the blackbird, the lion and the deer. They are, too, the bones of the dead and discarded, the martyred and maimed and the simply inconvenient. They are the bones of the forgotten, who have not forgotten us...

The fire is love and lust – a lover’s tongue, a naked woman. It’s the red stones of a canyon. The fire is the red hair of the poet’s grandfather, the blood of JFK, a warehouse burning in South Philadelphia. Most of all, the fire is destruction; a torching, a bonfire, a clearing of space for whatever comes next.
Bone Fire is what we feel when history unfolds its dark feathers.

Bone Fire, a new collection of poetry by Susan Millar DuMars will be officially launched by Robyn Rowland.

For more about the launch see the Cúirt Festival website.