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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

North Beach Poetry Nights offers Performance Workshop with Welsh Spoken Word Poet Martin Daws

North Beach Poetry Nights is offering a Performance Workshop with Welsh Spoken Word Poet Martin Daws on Monday 25th October from 17.30 to 20.00 upstairs in The Crane Bar, Sea Road Galway.

For 10 participants on a first come basis. Price 10 Euro.
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An electrifying poet whose live sets blend free musicality, innovative rhythm and lyrical dexterity to drive his poetry through journeys into life, nature and who the hell we think we are, anyway! Martin Daws is Farrago Autumn Slam Champ 2010, has been a runner-up in the Glastonbury Festival Slam and the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry. He got a coveted five star review at the Edinburgh Festival and is the author of the acclaimed book/cd 'Skin Tight the Sidewalk'.

Martin Daws writes about multi-culturalism, identity, personal integrity, and the evolution of culture. He is also fascinated with the way we build relationships with that which is bigger than us; nature, society, the universe, God... His aim is to make meaningful music out of spoken word, with as much freedom to improvise as possible.

In 2008 Martin published his first book/CD, titled ‘Skin Tight the Sidewalk’. His work has been broadcast by BBC Radio Wales, been published in international journals, and has been performed extensively around the UK and Ireland. More recently Martin’s musical collaborations with Rob Mackay have toured internationally, taking video of Martin in performance and recordings of his voice to multi-media performances in 4 continents.