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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

North Beach Poetry Nights host All-Ireland Poetry Slam Championship

North Beach Poetry Nights announces its hosting of The All-Ireland Poetry Slam Championship 2009 in The Crane Bar, Sea Road, Galway on next Monday 26th October at 9pm.

8 poets, two chosen at regional heats in each province, compete for the title:
All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion 2009
with Guest Poet from Cornwall Linda Cleary
Guest MC: Brendan Murphy (2007 All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion)
and The Reverend Reynolds with his not so reverent songs.

Linda Cleary is a poet-writer-performer-artist, seen as being in the vanguard of young female performance poets and emerging as a radical nouvelle vague Romantic Poet. She works across disciplines; creating non-traditional, diverse work of spoken & written word. Her work often carries an urban and contemporary thrust. Her performance poetry and style has been seen as unique, strong, raw and challenging.

'Powerful, uncompromising, rhythmic verse. Tough, lyrical beauty. Packs poetic punches with aching sensitivity. A unique new voice. If you need a comparison, think; a young Joolz Denby, laced with Patti Smith overtones.' (Apples&Snakes)

The winner will be chosen by a panel of three judges.

See YOU there!

North Beach Poetry Nights gratefully acknowledges the welcome support of the Arts Council and Galway City Council.

Info: John Walsh @ 091-593290