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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perciphone Petticoat at North Beach Poetry Nights

North Beach Poetry Nights
Perciphone Petticoat
Thursday 23rd August at 9pm
BK's Winebar, Spanish Parade, Galway

Perciphone Petticoat theatrical poetry performer, writer, singer songwriter, musician, is a fresh and entertaining face in the world of performance poetry and entertainment.

Perciphone uses enchanting lines, beguiling and palatable - weaving their way in and out of the cold hard truths being projected. From surrealism to social dysfunction - sexuality to empathy, fairytales to self-harm, Perciphone Petticoat often flirts on a rather risqué edge. However, pertinent subjects delivered graphically, are skillfully tempered, allowing ideas that would otherwise be unpalatable to be considered.

Her performance sites can be found at

Her music can be found at

Also The North Beach Poetry Nights' 2 - Round Slam
Poets wishing to enter the Slam are requested to bring along 2 poems, max. 3 minutes each. The winner of the Slam receives a bottle of red wine courtesy of BK's Winebar and automatically goes forward to the North Beach Poetry Nights' Grand Slam on December 22nd. The prize for the winner of the Grand Slam is publication of a collection of the winner's poetry.

Admission 5 Euro

Information: John Walsh @ 091-593290 or