Friday, June 18, 2010

'O, commemorate me..' Kavanagh Day Recitation and Readings

The annual ‘Kavanagh Day’ of reciting and readings was inaugurated in Galway in 2008 to mark the national day in honour of Patrick Kavanagh’s writings. This event happens on the second weekend in July where Kavanagh enthusiasts gather – ideally by a waterway location, to celebrate the writers poetry and prose.

The day is again being coordinated this year by Kavanagh enthusiast, Ger Considine and it is hoped to expand and invite speakers and musicians. The dates are
- Sat. 10th July at the Galway City Library , lunchtime timeslot
- Sun. 11th July at the Born Quarter, Newtownsmith, 3pm timeslot

The event will be introduced by organiser, Ger Considine and consist of a brief talk on the Poet’s life and times by one / two well known speakers. A selection of his poems will be recited accompanied by traditional Irish tunes. A traditional singer will provide a Kavanagh-related song or two. Attendees will be invited to read some of their favourite Kavanagh poems. Active Retired, Writers, Readers groups and general Kavanagh enthusiasts are encouraged to come along and get involved in both these free events. The duration of the event is envisaged as one and half to two hours.

For more information please contact
Ger Considine