Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Intensive Creative Writing Classes at GTI

Galway Technical Institute is offering an intensive course in Creative Writing for Beginners with Kevin Higgins. The course takes place one evening per week (Wednesday) from 7.00-10pm for four weeks, commencing on Wednesday, 16th May. Advance booking is essential. Places cost €60. Kevin Higgins will provide writing exercises for, and give gentle critical feedback to, those interested in trying their hand at writing poems, stories or memoir.

Also on offer is a course in Beginners Fiction Writing with Susan Millar DuMars. This takes place one evening per week (also Wednesday) from 7.00-10pm for four weeks. It commences on Wednesday, May 16th. Advance booking is essential. Places cost €60. The course is for those who have an interest in writing short stories or longer fiction, and want the guidance and discipline of a weekly class to help them get going. Flexible exercises and work-shopping of assignments, together with the study of the works of published writers, will help each class member to find their way.

To book a place in either class contact GTI, Father Griffin Road, Galway, telephone 091-581342 or go to http://www.gti.ie/