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Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year SHORTLIST!

Michelle Coyne
Paul Duffy
Selina Oram
Aidan Hynes
Lauren Foley
Chris Connolly
Niall Bourke
Dermot Duffy
Adam Trodd
Brian Leeson
Mark Stevenson Curry
Paul Anthony Corbett
Maeve Galvin 

Breda Spaight
Niall Bourke
Jessamine O’Connor
Stephen De Burca
Majella Kelly
Rachel Coventry
Wilma Kenny
Paul McCarrick
Jayne Brogan
Lisa Allen
Bennet McNiff
Bernie Ashe

We would like to thank our competition sponsors: 
Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop,  
Dock No. 1, ISupply Flood Street, Ward’s Hotel
Clare Daly TD,  Kenny’s Bookshop 
& Derek Nolan TD

We also thank our competition judge Dave Lordan 
for his ongoing work on the competition. 


@ the October Over The Edge: Open Reading

in Galway City Library,
 Thursday October 29th 

The longlist can be viewed here.