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Friday, June 19, 2009

Topical poem by P.J. Moore

Fáilte Chuig Rás Aigean Volvo
(Salthill Prom Summer 2009)

Fáilte chuig rás aigean Volvo
All life forms are here, terrestrial, avian, aquatic,
The underexposed the overexposed
Liquid and hairy six packs
Uilleann pipers and massage therapists,
Divers winged and skinned
Full bodied tattoos and Corporation crews
Counting the overtime.

They’ve come from Boston, Alicante, St Petersburg and Rio,
Lobster red legs has a ringside seat to all the action
As his 99 drip drip drips onto his pre-cancerous mole.
Laughing innocents with their kids
Are lapping up Punch and Judy violence
With supporting role for a strangely phallic sausage.
Growing middle aged tidal blue spread
Upholds law and order
Alongside slim trim Templemore inductees

The beach fills up fast
With Ronaldos, Messis and Federers
Displaying to beached whales
Blowing smoke, whilst swimming in bulmers.
Jogwalking dog lovers coax reluctant boxers, bulldogs, pugs
And all manner of inbreds
Along two miles of Galway’s catwalk.
Tonight they’ll dream in exhausted canine slumber
Of daring feats performed in past lives under African skies.

Binoculars zoom in on every kind of craft,
Sailboats, curraghs, lifebuoys, buckfast bottles and rafts.
Green dragon in sixth place now
Just ahead and behind Telefonicas black and blue,
Tarot readers cannot tell Fortune tellers
And canvassing candidates apart,
Independent - People First - Connolly Catherine
Vote No. 1. But why?
She’s better looking than Ó’Brolcháin, I suppose.

Dough addicted Claddagh swans
Here in swollen numbers for the fortnights orgy,
Have fixed upon their stocking sandaled pusher,
Whose grandson, the pigeon terrorist
Is momentarily distracted by a cloud
Of red balloons rising skyward.
Nearby familiar redolent reek rising from the seaweed
Attracts flighty starling flocks to feed,
And willy wagtails are playing tig in bouncy motion
Across lichen mottled rocky Atlantic breakers.

Evening falls, the bars are packed
Red legs shuffles off
The Jury’s Inn
But what’s the verdict?

P.J. Moore has been a participant in creative writing classes and poetry workshops at GMIT and Galway Arts Centre, where Susan Millar DuMars and Kevin Higgins were his tutors.